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Criminal Review


JYY Risk Criminal Case Review provides consultancy advice in relation to investigations conducted by the Police, National Crime Agency, Serious Fraud Office and HM Revenue and Customs. Our team comprises of experienced former investigators and detectives who are able to offer an in-depth insight into specific areas of the investigation process that will assist clients in making informed decisions.

We have intimate knowledge of Police procedures and practices and an ability to provide advice in relation to the prosecution’s potential strategy at an early stage, which is essential in mitigating the impact upon clients. The information we provide is both credible and ethical and we offer transparent candid advice.

Being able to identify any breaches of protocol and the failure to follow guidelines, can be instrumental in successfully challenging the admissibility of evidence or having cases discontinued altogether. On occasions investigators have been known to take shortcuts and if necessary, cover their tracks at a later stage. We have previously encountered instances where investigators have unwittingly avoided specific lines of enquiry because they would have led the investigation down a particular path that was beneficial to the defence. Our enquires often trigger additional prosecution disclosure, which would then allow defence teams to work on further aspects of the case. This adds real value and compliments the preparation work completed by Legal Firms and is targeted at specific areas relating to the investigation stage. In almost every investigation there will be mistakes by the investigators and by identifying these mistakes, a prosecution and investigation can be undermined.

Our service is not designed to replace the work carried out by lawyers; we cannot of course replicate or substitute the legal work carried out by defence teams. The focus is on those aspects of an investigation a defence lawyer will not normally consider. For example, how many lawyers can identify the 3 most common defects in a search warrant? Or would a lawyer be able to recognise tell-tale signs in the unused material of an informant?

The report will generate further areas of preparatory work for lawyers as it will increase the lines of enquiry for defence teams and provide the basis for legal argument applications made at the pre-trial stage. We can be charged to your clients as a disbursement, whereby your client is informed of the unique advantages of the service we provide. Alternatively, we can provide a “white label” report, which can be charged directly at an hourly rate.

Appeal Reinvestigations

JYY Risk will thoroughly re-examine all lines of potential enquiry in-order to assist with formulating an appeal against conviction and/or sentence. We work alongside and in conjunction with the client’s legal team to identify and follow up on those areas which appear to have not been fully examined in the first instance by the investigating team. Our wealth of policing and investigative knowledge allows us to take a holistic view of the matters in hand and identify avenues involving other potential assailants and/or evidence/witnesses not secured at time of trial which had they been would have assisted the accused.

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