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Covert Camera Installation


We utilise covert camera installation for our clients in order to collect evidence of abuse, intrusion, theft and anti-social behaviour or to monitor and prevent such incidents. Our professional team work all across the United Kingdom and are well-trained in facilitating customised covert camera installation along with recommendations on the ideal equipment placement locations to maximise effectiveness. In addition to this, we also install audio systems to allow you to hear live conversations of your selected person/s of interest and you could also record them for future reference. These audio devices can be placed at different locations including your home, office or even vehicles. 

Debugging (Sweeps)

In our modern constantly connected world, where surveillance technology is now easily accessible to general public, privacy is rapidly becoming our scarcest commodity. Such devices can be installed into your phones, furniture, electrical fittings, computer systems, and so on and can compromise privacy and security in your home, vehicle or at your workplace. JYY Risk are leading experts as far as Electronic Bug Sweep detection is concerned. We safely remove such devices and offer our clients complete peace of mind. We have been in the business of Electronic Bug Sweeping for several years and guarantee discreet services from a well-trained professional team.

JYY Risk Utilises advanced Electronic Bug Sweep equipment to detect the presence of both active and passive surveillance devices, keystroke logging mechanisms and promiscuous monitors. We ensure the review of new developments for updating all our counter surveillance equipment. We understand that debugging service is an urgent requirement and hence try and respond to our customers on the very same day. We also offer the specialist skill of providing a thorough examination of computers and Mobile phones for any potential sources of intrusive surveillance software and data leaks. This option is offered as part of the Bug Sweep (TSCM inspection). You may also use this service separately.

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